Top Tips for Polishing Chrome Wheels

Posted on: 4 December 2020

It is still surprising that most car owners do not know the basics of chrome wheel maintenance despite the aesthetic value the rims add. Even after a long trip in rough terrain, some car owners prefer to wash their chrome wheels and leave it at that. However, it is not the best strategy for keeping your chrome wheels looking good and lasting long. If you want to maintain your wheels' sheen, you need to clean and polish them regularly. The best part is that you do not have to wait until your next car inspection date to do it. You can easily buff and polish right chrome wheels at home. Here are a few tips and tricks for maintaining chrome wheels. Read on.

Choose the Right Brush

The first step towards proper buffing and polishing of chrome wheels is cleaning because there is no point in applying polish on a dirty surface. However, you must use the right brush because chrome surfaces are susceptible to scratches. If you use a brush with tough bristles, you might have to contend with ugly scratch marks. Alternatively, you can take your wheels to an auto shop for professional scratch concealing, but it costs money. You can avoid such issues by choosing a soft brush, which removes stubborn dirt without scratching your chrome wheels. Besides, the brush should be agile enough to reach all sides of wheel spokes. You will also need a fastener brush to clean inside the fastener gaps.

Use Non-Acidic Polish Products

Most car owners prioritize a clean look when washing and polishing their chrome wheels. While there is nothing wrong with this, your end goal should be maintaining the sheen and colour on chromium wheels. You can have a dirt-free chrome wheel, but it counts for nothing if the shine and colour are missing. Therefore, use-chrome friendly polish compounds and the best way to achieve it is by reading a product's contents. Non-acidic chrome wheel polishes are the best option since they protect the finish. In contrast, acidic polishes lead to oxidization, which causes discolouration and deterioration of the shine on chromium wheels.

Wax the Wheels

You need to wax chrome wheels after polishing them to enhance their service life. Waxing seals surface imperfections and prevents further deterioration. In addition, it helps chrome wheels maintain their sheen for longer by preventing brake dust from adhering to the surface.

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