Where to Look First If Your Large Truck Overheats

Posted on: 9 December 2019

An overheating problem on a large vehicle can be a serious problem, and if you're facing just such an issue right now, you will need to locate the source and take action before you can deliver another payload. As you know, these vehicles rely on mechanically inspired cooling systems and can never rely on wind speed alone, due to the nature and configuration of the truck. What are some of the key areas to look at as you begin your search?


A typical car or ute can often get by without a radiator fan at all, as these vehicles build up enough speed to allow a sufficient amount of air to flow across the radiator. While they may be equipped with such a fan, it is normally electrically operated and will only switch on if the hot vehicle happens to be stationary for a certain period of time.

A large vehicle like this, on the other hand, relies implicitly on the fan mechanism and this is the first place to look if you're dealing with overheating problems.

Fan Shroud

To begin with, is the fan shroud still in place? This is a critical part of the cooling system and has to be working properly or you won't be able to funnel the right volume of air across the radiator. If it is in place, check its integrity as if it is cracked or broken, then it will need to be replaced right away.

Fan Clutch

Now have a look at the fan itself and check to see if the internal clutch mechanism is still doing its job. This device is supposed to tighten up as the engine temperature rises and it receives a signal from the relevant sensor. When it does so, the clutch will be able to pull more air through the radiator, but if the clutch itself starts to slip, problems will arise.

See if you can spin the clutch freely by hand when the vehicle is turned off and the system is cold. If it does so, then the clutch has failed and will need to be replaced. While you are there, check to see if there is any oil leaking from the centre of the clutch mechanism, as this is another tell-tale sign of a problem.

Replacement Parts

If you need to buy a new fan shroud and clutch, always make sure that you get the highest quality replacement parts. Remember, these are critical components, as you must keep that engine temperature in check at all times. Look for a retailer that sells parts specifically for your type of vehicle, like Hino truck parts, to find what you need. 


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