Benefits of Regular Renault Servicing

Posted on: 5 July 2019

Also known as a tune-up, a car service is important to the overall vehicle functionality, as it is conducted over regular intervals. These intervals can be time- or distance-based. Usually, a vehicle will have a predetermined service interval schedule created by its manufacturer, and it is the duty of the owner to find time for the servicing. Many auto shops provide this service, conducting the maintenance procedures and logging the events in the vehicle's service book after each session. This article explores the main benefits of regular auto servicing for your vehicle.


Carrying out regular auto service is bound to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers, pedestrians and other motorists by making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy. This prevents common incidents and accidents on the road that are commonly caused by underlying issues. During auto servicing, the oil filter is usually changed, the brake pads are checked for wear and primed for good condition, tires are checked for wear and alignment and all other filters are also checked to determine whether they need to be changed.

Maintaining the value of the vehicle

The difference of a well-maintained vehicle and a neglected one is usually apparent, and when reselling, it's these aesthetics that make or break the price. Regular servicing helps to keep your vehicle in an optimum condition, which leads to the ability to command a high price for the vehicle, as it will still be highly functional and have almost the same attractiveness as before.

Low operational costs

The costs associated with breakdowns usually run high and may cause unnecessary financial strain and delay your schedules too. Using auto servicing ensures that your time is not wasted by getting stranded in traffic trying to solve a vehicle problem that could have easily been handled prior to occurring by regular servicing at the auto centre.

Reducing Pollution

Regular servicing of your car includes swapping the air filter and engine oil, all which contribute to your car running as intended by the manufacturer. Auto servicing ensures that these components, essential for the smooth running of your car, are kept in top shape for fewer emissions to the atmosphere. As such, your car will run smoother for longer, without being a burden to the environment. 

As discussed in this article, the benefits of getting your car serviced come in handy for you when on the road, helping you make each trip an exciting experience. Not only do you end up saving time and money by ensuring your vehicle is in perfect shape, but you will have peace of mind when travelling or commuting while cutting down on toxic emissions in the process.

Contact a mechanic that offers services like Renault servicing in your area for more information.


Save time, save money on car repairs

Anyone who owns a car knows that at some point something will break down. Repairs are a large part of car ownership, particularly the cost of labour. By doing routine maintenance and minor repairs yourself, you can save money as well as time without waiting for an appointment with a mechanic. Knowing where to buy parts for a good price is key to saving money, and finding the right place to set you up with the right parts will make basic repairs straight forwards. Performing routine maintenance yourself will keep your car running smoothly and help prevent costly breakdowns, particularly ones that do require skilled mechanics to repair.