4 Attributes of the Best Mobile Truck Service Providers

Posted on: 31 July 2017

One way to decrease truck downtime is by contracting a mobile truck service provider to attend to your trucks wherever they may be. Careful consideration must go into the selection process for that provider so that your trucks receive sufficient attention even if they have not been taken to a service or repair shop. This article discusses some of the attributes that you should look out for as you select a provider of a mobile service truck.

Equipment Status

Your trucks will not be serviced properly if the service vehicle that goes out to them isn't well equipped. The requisite equipment should go beyond lube-delivery mechanisms and compressed air. Look for providers with trucks that have cranes, welding stations, pneumatic jacks, heavy-duty rated hand tools and a broad spectrum of inventory in order to reduce the time needed to pick repair items from a supplier. Well-equipped service trucks enable technicians to complete their tasks quickly because they have everything that they need.

Electronic Inspection Systems

The provider that you select should also have trucks and technicians that can perform all electronic inspections, such as those requiring error code readers. Those inspection mechanisms should be capable of taking and transmitting pictures so that you can know what exactly is being done to one of your trucks out in the field. Work orders will also be generated quickly if the field teams have electronic inspection equipment.

Appointment Tracking Tools

The cost of servicing your trucks is likely to stay affordable if the mobile service company that you select is very serious about how long its field technicians take on each vehicle. How can you know they are serious? Look out for a clock on the truck to track the duration spent on each of the vehicles that are handled in the field. The total number of hours that you are billed will be optimised if the company has measures to monitor its technicians as they work away from the repair shop.

Effective Communication

Mobile truck service depends on one's ability to communicate in real-time with the service providers. Select a provider whose technicians can use tablets and laptops to communicate instantly with their base stations. Tracking software is also important in keeping you updated about the progress of a service truck after a distress call has been made for assistance. Invoices and other relevant documents should also be sent as easily as when your truck is taken to the repair shop.

You stand a higher chance of receiving satisfactory service if you devote ample time to the process of selecting a truck service provider. Use the tips above to create a systematic way of evaluating the providers competing for your business.


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