Looking for A High Performance Generator? Read This

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Whether you are buying one or hiring, you must ensure it's the correct one. This is because there is a wide range of generators available in the markets and choosing one may not be an easy task, especially if it's your first time. You will need to evaluate some things, and one major factor that is often helpful is the source of power. Generators are powered by petrol, gas or diesel. While all these types of generators will solve your power outage issues, you should know why diesel-powered generators are higher performers. Read on to find out.

Diesel Generators Have High Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of diesel generators is higher than their fuel counterparts. This is because diesel operates at higher temperatures, which means the engine heats up quickly. With high fuel efficiency comes reduced fuel costs. Therefore, if you want to supply non-stop power for a long time in an area with no electricity, you may have to worry less about your costs of running the generator.

Diesel Generators Are More Reliable

As in the example above where power has to be supplied for a long time, even months, you could use a high-performance generator in terms of reliability. Diesel generators will offer you this, especially because they have considerably less needs for repairs. That is, unlike their petrol counterparts, the engines in diesel generators lack carburettors and spark plugs. Instead, they use glow plugs. Carburettors and spark plugs usually have a shorter running life than the glow plugs. Therefore, for diesel generators, you will worry less about replacing or repairing the spark plugs or carburettors.

The absence of the spark plugs also means diesel generators are generally easier to maintain than their petrol counterparts.

Diesel Generators Are Easy to Store

When you operate any powered equipment, you will be concerned about its safety when thinking about storage. Since generators are powered by fuels, you may want to store them safely because these fuels are flammable. Diesel generators are easy to store even near living spaces because while still being flammable, they don't pose great risks compared to their petrol and gas counterparts, which can be explosive.

Diesel Generators Are More Versatile

Another reason diesel generators are higher performers is their ability to accept other fuels, particularly synthetic fuels. Your diesel generator can easily run on biofuels that are non-petroleum-based. To use such alternative fuels on petrol generators, the engines would have to be modified.


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