Winter Accessories: Top Three Winter Features You Need for Your Vehicle

Posted on: 7 December 2016

Driving your vehicle in the winter can be a bit challenging. That's why auto manufacturers have come up with various ways of combatting the chilly climate. If you constantly take your car out on a drive during the winter, then you need to ensure your vehicle is well prepared. The volatile weather conditions and slippery snow can be a bit dangerous when you're not well planned. Apart from winter tires, there are other monumental features you can add to your vehicle. Here are a couple of winter features and upgrades you need to pay attention to.

High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting

Since vision is paramount, your headlamps need to be at their best. As the name implies, this kind of light is particularly bright and can be a good option for the night traveller or in foggy winters. HID lights have a near-white light that immensely boosts the visibility of the road. If you're really trying to escape the foggy conditions, then you need to be careful in your selection. The light is measured in "degrees Kelvin", and the lower the temperatures, the more yellowish the colour. This is what you're looking for. Yellow lights provides better visibility in fog and rainy conditions (such as the ones in winter).

Winter windshield-wiper fluid

This is one of the most important features you can add on your vehicle. The windshield is your only sight to the road ahead, so ensure that it's up to standard. Replace the fluid with a wintertime mixture so as to prevent it from freezing on your windshield and limiting your vision. Besides, in the unpredictable weather conditions, other vehicles may splatter mud on your windshield. When selecting your windshield-wiper fluid, ensure it matches the average winter temperatures in your area. You can find that information written on the product. To ease up your work, you can go for the already premixed concentrates as opposed to one that you'll have to mix with water.

Paint and hood protectors

Loose gravel and other forms of debris are a common scene during the winter. Your car's tires may kick up the debris to your car's body and create unsightly chippings. Paint and hood protectors are just what you need. The paint protector would add a protective covering to your vehicle's body and guard it. You could have a coloured or clear paint film depending on your preferences. However, a good way to test the quality of the sealant is to see whether water droplets bead off the surface of your car. Water shouldn't sit on your vehicle after you add a film-protection layer.

Talk to a mechanic for more ideas. 


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